Shaman College Community
Shaman College Community
Kimba Bridgeman

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About Us

Our community includes teachers, mentors, students, practitioners, graduates and friends of Shaman College. Here we can come together to share and inspire each other at a time on Earth when we are needed to heal and elevate.  There is a rememberance that is occurring... and you are needed here.

Why You Should Join Us

Shamans and other spiritual and energetic healers are often ones that live on the edges... preferring the company of the sea or the tree to the large groups.  And yet, when we do get the opportunity to gather... the light, love and power that arises is vast like the cosmos.

While the usual social media streams can be pulling us away from each other... here we can receive everyone's messages, sharings and questions.  This is a place that allows our community to stay connected even though we are widespread around the planet.

With Gratitude

Thank you so much for being here and joining us in this community.  Our voices may be quiet, but our heart's calling is True.

The more of us that unite in this way, the more the Universal web is ignited... and the support we can offer each other is golden like the Sun.

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